High-technology chemical products for the most demanding markets, such as automobile manufacturers, steel mills, and auto parts.

Linha Automotiva

automobile line

A complete line of automotive fluids, in compliance with the most demanding standards of the manufacturers.

Linha Automotiva

industrial line

A complete line of fluids for the processing of metals and industrial lubricants.

Automobile Line - Where To Buy

To Tirreno, there are no resources more valuable than the human-being and the environment.

corporate responsability

On a permanent basis, Tirreno develops initiatives which respect and cherish its entire audience of relationship, being aware that its success depends on a wholesome interaction with its associates, customers, suppliers, partners, the community, the public authorities, and the environment.

The treatment of effluents, the collection and recycling of industrial waste, the use of returnable packaging, the community actions, and the environmental initiatives are all part of the company’s day-to-day.

Tirreno Has been investing in a number of social and cultural projects, whilst supporting programs and making donations to several institutions.

For more information download our Corporate Responsibility Policy.